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I started working out at Telos after a very difficult twin pregnancy that included a long hospital bed-rest stay. I was exhausted and very weak. Quite honestly, I felt so miserable and was having a difficult time enjoying the mother’s experience that I’d worked so hard to have.

A close friend recommended Telos, highlighting the excellent trainers and group accountability. Since joining on November 4, 2018, I have lost at least 35 lbs. and have become strong and revitalized! Working out at Telos is such a wonderful and family-like experience. All the trainers and fellow members cheered me on even when I couldn’t do one simple squat and they were with me to celebrate every achievement, no matter how small; never have I felt more supported and encouraged. This experience has been the most comprehensive gym experience I’ve ever had the privilege to enjoy. Thank you, Telos. Thank you for helping me get my life back and encouraging me when I didn’t think I could continue. Thank you for helping me become the mother my children need and deserve.


I began working out at Telos while really struggling to enjoy the amount of time I was spending at work. Getting my workout in during the morning hours has allowed me to start the day on the best note possible, and that attitude and energy have rejuvenated my efforts at work.

What I enjoy the most is the incredibly thoughtful programming and coaches. The coaches understand the nuances of pushing me to get better, stronger, faster while allowing for days of recovery and auxiliary work. The smaller class sizes really allow the coaches to know each member well and scale workouts effectively. I started at Telos as a burned-out triathlete who felt weak, had nagging injuries, and wasn’t enjoying training. After 5 months I am beginning to build my training back up and will be racing several triathlons this spring and summer, culminating with Ironman AZ 70.3 this fall.


I can definitively say that coming to Telos has made me a better mother, wife, and person! Taking an hour to work on my health and well being every day has had a ripple effect throughout my life. My mental, emotional, and physical health has improved so much.

I am calmer and centered for the rest of the day and have more energy to respond compassionately to my three kids and husband. My bad cholesterol is down and my good cholesterol is up, my clothes fit better, I am cooking more nutritious meals for my family, I have made new friends…I could go on and on!
The best thing about Telos is the people! From the owners to the staff and clients, everyone is very welcoming and supportive. I usually say that my only goal is to work hard today and don’t injure myself so I can make it to the next workout. But I have learned in the past year that my body is still able to change, even in middle age, and the more work I put in with exercise and nutrition the more benefits I am still getting.



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