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Developing a Foundation of Strength in Student Athletes

Many years ago, a system for developing athletic ability called the rule of three was created and first seen in Russia: the first three years of an athlete’s preparation they do not specialize, but focus solely on general physical preparation. Three years of developing general

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Why Am I So Hungry?

There are both biological and physiological reasons why at various times throughout the day we feel “hungry.” We all need energy to survive, and finding that fuel is a drive that is innate in all living organisms. It is not surprising then that our body

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When Progress Comes Slowly

What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy. Imagine this: You have set a goal to lose 15 pounds by the new year. For the past 8 weeks your diet has been full of variety of good sources of quality whole foods, lots

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How to Stay on Track in Vacation Mode: Our Top Tips

Vacation. An opportunity to get away from the daily grind, relax, and enjoy a new and fun location. Many times, we also associate this time with a “free-for-all” when it comes to our nutrition. Getting out of our normal routine, lots of eating out, and

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Introducing Corporate Wellness Programs at Telos!

We now offer completely customized corporate wellness for local Tucson businesses! Our programs include fitness classes, wellness challenges, nutrition seminars, or a combination of all three depending on your needs. Our focus is on promoting healthy lifestyles and small, sustainable changes that lead to BIG

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Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids: An overview

Omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 are three types fatty acids that have important health benefits. Having not enough or too much of an imbalance of these can lead to chronic disease. But what are they? And WHY are they critical to our health?

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12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Drag Sleds

You will be hard pressed to find an exercise as simple but as effective as the sled pull. Regardless of age or ability level, sled pulls are a great functional training option to increase strength, power, and endurance. ⁣It is an efficient way to increase

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The Best Way to Train Your Core (It’s Not What You Think)

Pop culture and infomercials have turned  “core” training into the most popular and most misunderstood musculature in the body. We are told that if you flex your trunk in high repetitions and a small range of motion, your waist will slim and your abs will

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