Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Below are some of the guidelines we will follow to keep you safe once we are allowed to reopen our gym. Please take a moment to review:

Facility Preparation

We have established designated workout spaces based upon our revised maximum occupancy limitations. We have taped off these areas at the rig and the surrounding area at a minimum 10’ between each client on the rig or within the floorspace. Please be sure to respect these boundaries.

Social distancing standards will be maintained throughout the workout, and there will be no sharing equipment. All weights, bars, clips, and bands will be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Limit People In Facility

Each class and personal training session will allow for a buffer to allow time to safely clean up and exit the facility prior to the next group.

Our class sizes have been limited to ten people. We continue to refer to the advice of our federal, state and local guidelines.

The shower will continue to remain closed until further notice.

Pre-Screening Questions

Please do not come to the gym if…

  • You have had a cough or a fever.

  • You have been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the past 14 days.

  • You are living with anyone who is sick or quarantined.

Accessing the Facility

Before you enter our gym, please register for class. The iPad at the front will not be used until further notice.

Upon entering the facility everyone should immediately proceed to the restroom and thoroughly wash their hands.

Maintain Social Distancing

As mentioned previously, spacing between people in the gym will be at least six feet at all times. While coaching, our staff will also maintain an adequate amount of social distancing from members and ensure each member understands the requirement to stay within their designated workout space.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Best Practices

All members and coaches are required to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth at all times while inside the gym.

Hand washing with soap and warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds will be required by employees between every class.


Guidelines will be posted throughout the facility – specifically at restrooms and entrances.


Our towel cleaning service will be postponed until further notice.

We will not have mats available for use by members – please bring your own from home if you would like to use one.

Our gym will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to re-opening. We will disinfect all surfaces and equipment.

We will maintain a regular schedule for disinfection of all equipment, surfaces, and restrooms throughout the day and in between each use.

At the end of each workout, we ask you to thoroughly wipe down and disinfect your designated workout area.

We also encourage members to wipe down and disinfect their workout area prior to beginning a new workout session.

We will allow adequate time after each class and before the next class or personal training session to conduct disinfection as described above.


Employees who are sick will be expected to stay home.

We will provide training, educational materials, and reinforcement on proper sanitation, hand washing, cough and sneeze etiquette, use of PPE, and other protective behaviors to coaches

We will maintain open communication with all members and staff as the situation develops.

Thank you all for your help in maintaining these standards at Telos! We are so excited to be back!