The Telos Strength Testing Series

We are back with our testing series! The Telos Strength Testing Series is a program developed at Telos that tests our members on various movements to assess their strength, skill, and functionality. There are several levels to the series of tests, each one being progressively more difficult.

Who is the Telos Strength Testing Series aimed for?

The testing series was developed for our members. This includes those who solely do personal training, group classes, or both! We structure our training around overall functionality and strength, therefore the tests are aimed to reflect the hard work put in.

What is the Telos Strength Testing Series?

The testing series is made up of several levels, each one being progressively harder. Movements include things like jump rope, carries, and strength work such as squats and pressing movements. 

We will have a board with pictures of everyone who accomplishes the level certifications. For example, for those who pass the level one test, we will add their picture and information on the board at the gym. You’ll also see a banner with the level one test hung up at the gym soon! 

When and where will the testing be accomplished?

We will have testing dates periodically at Telos. The testing dates will be announced well ahead of time so members can plan accordingly. Our coaches will be monitoring the tests and each station to ensure standards are being met and to make sure everyone understands the movements. 

Why was the Telos Strength Testing Series developed?

The testing series was established to provide our members benchmarks in their fitness. It tests our members on various areas of their fitness, allowing them to gauge their progress from their training as well as give incentive to continue building upon their foundation. Further, it gives the Telos coaches an idea of where the members and clients are at with their fitness and allows them to optimize training to meet set goals. 

The Testing Series is also a fun thing for the Telos community to work for. It gives our members something to strive for as well as builds a community. We want our testing days to be fun, encouraging, and a motivating piece for everyone. 

What’s next?

The level one test will be administered in February 2022. We will announce the exact testing date soon. You will also see the Level One banner hung up at the gym as well, which lists out all of the movements required to be Level One certified. Lastly, there will be a video released with movement demonstrations and standards from the coaches. 

We look forward to implementing our testing series and seeing our members accomplish these goals!