Telos Testing Series: Level 02

The Level 02 Banner of the Telos Testing Series is now up on the wall! As you may have seen, this level is more challenging and requires more skill and strength. The test consists of:

  • 3 minute Jump Rope (single unders)

  • 40 Goblet Squats at 40% body weight (for example, 130 lb person will squat the 52lb kettlebell for 40 reps)

  • 30 Dumbbell Bench at 40% body weight (the same 130lb person will do 30 reps with ~25lb dumbbells per hand)

  • 30 seconds Chin-Over-Bar Hold

  • 2 minute Sorensen Test

  • 120m Farmer’s Carry at body weight (that 130lb human will carry 65lbs per hand)

Coach’s Thought Process

There is a method to the madness here; we didn’t want to make this test significantly more difficult just for fun. When developing the testing series, our goal was to make each level more difficult to provide goals for our members. This test isn’t developed for everyone to pass, it rewards consistency and time. 

The general population cannot jump rope for 3 minutes, complete squats to proper depth (never mind even doing it with weight), or carry their body weight for 120m. These are all things that take time and proper training. It requires work. We are expecting most people to not pass the first time.

It will give you a better sense of what your strengths are and what needs work. For example, if the dumbbell bench was a cakewalk for you but the chin-over-bar hold was the hardest thing you ever did in your life after giving birth, then you can see that you’re upper body is pretty good with pushing movements (chest/shoulders) but your back (which is involved with pulling movements) may need a little more work.


  • 30 seconds is a short amount of time unless you’re doing any time of isometric exercise/hold (planks, holds, etc). For the chin over the bar hold, your mind will win before your body does…just hold on. 

  • Jump roping will be the trickiest movement. 3 minutes is a long time and it’s very easy to accidentally get your feet caught, even if jump roping is your jam. I recommend practicing and playing a full song during this time…just focus on the song and take your mind off of it.

  • For the jump rope— remember to keep those elbows close to your sides. You don’t want to shorten the rope by letting your elbows drift out. 

  • For both Squats and Bench, the slower you go the more “time under tension” you’re putting on your muscles, thus making it more difficult. Don’t go too slow, but also don’t get too sloppy with the movement.

  • Make sure to grab the kettlebells with a full grip during the farmer’s carry. Like Abby emphasizes, use your thumb! Wrap it around the handle, don’t put the weight of the kettlebell on the end of your finger tips.

  • And lastly…Use the restroom before the jump rope 😉

Final Words

Just remember, it’s all about consistency and time. Give the test a shot, if you pass– GREAT! If not, still GREAT– now you have more guidance on what you need to work on and what you can do to get better for the next attempt. Nothing worth having comes easy.