Class Schedule



Personal Training

We create training programs in a way that helps athletes build a solid base level of physical preparedness to increase performance, prevent injuries, and promote a lifetime of physical activity. Private coaching sessions are a great way to focus on and strengthen specific skill sets vital to improving your general abilities.


Group Training

Our coach-led group training programs emphasize fundamental movements that help our members lead stronger, healthier, more active lives outside of the gym.


Nutrition Coaching

Training in the gym is only one component of living a healthy lifestyle. Pairing your workouts with an individualized nutrition plan from our certified nutrition coach will give you the expert education, guidance, and support you need to achieve results faster and maintain them long-term.


Youth Training (7+)

It would be nice if we could protect our kids from everything that life throws at them, but we can’t. The best thing we can do is make them strong.


High School (15-18)

Our high school training programs help athletes to build confidence in and out of their sport, strengthen their weaknesses, and prevent injuries.


Legends (60+)

Telos Legends focuses on the 60+ age range. The structure of the class is strength training with conditioning work.


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