New Year, New You? What You Need to Know About Making New Year’s Resolutions

Tucson Nutrition Coach

As 2019 comes to a close, we begin to look to the new year and make a plan for what we hope to accomplish. 

It’s common to see a lot of enthusiastic “New Year, New You” resolutions and big, all or nothing goals that unfortunately tend to end up being tossed aside and forgotten by February. 

This year, try something different. Instead of focusing on the end goal, focus on the process that will get you there. 

“It doesn’t matter what the goal is, if we get too hung up on the outcome and not the behaviours we need to accomplish it, we’re always at risk of failing.” 

Our friends at 204 Lifestyle up in Winnipeg, Canada wrote an awesome blog on the subject of goals and how to set yourself up for success when it comes to following through on your resolutions in 2020. Click the link below to check it out, it’s a great read!