Mastering Double Unders

With practice, double unders are a learnable skill for anyone who has the health to do 5 minutes of single unders. If you are are brand new to jumping rope, it is worth spending time doing single unders to develop a base of doing some low level plyometrics.

Once this foundation is established, work on the skill. When you are starting off to learn double unders, do what you have to do to get the rope to pass under your feet twice per jump. Jump higher, spin the rope faster, tuck your knees up, whatever it takes. Get the first one out of the way.

After you get your first double under, work to accumulate 20 total in your warmup. It doesn’t matter if they are one at a time. Just get them done. Then increase the total to 50, then to 100. Going single, double, single can help you establish your rhythm.

When you are able to complete 100 in about 10 minutes any way possible, start working on your efficiency. More specifically, doing more unbroken sets and staying more relaxed. I recommend performing a set number every minute on the minute. This drill can be done at any level. For example, someone learning may do 10 on the minute for 10 minutes, while a much more conditioned athlete may do upwards of 60 per minute.

No matter the level, the goal is to stay consistent under fatigue. Here is some tips to help:

  1. Keep your arms long and hands in front of your body. If your hands come up or behind your body, it shortens the rope.

  2. Try to make the jumps look the same as single unders. Do not jump higher than necessary. Even under fatigue strive to make them look the same.

  3. As you increase your volume, stay relaxed. A big component of endurance is the ability to withstand discomfort.  Unnecessary tension will not help the cause.

  4. Keep your head neutral. In other words, do not tuck your chin or lift your head up. If you take your chin to your chest and try to take a deep breath, you will not get as much air.

  5. Observational learning can be really helpful. Watch people who make it look easy and keep practicing. This is an achievable skill that you can master with practice!  

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