All about the “Partner Nutrition Kickstart”

Telos will be having a 4-week “Nutrition Kickstart” starting in January. Below is a description of what it entails!

Who: Members & non-members are welcome to participate!

What: The kickstart is similar to nutrition challenges you may see advertised (such as weight loss challenges, etc). However, the goal is not to focus on your goal for just 30-days through a quick-fix diet that is not sustainable in the long-run. Instead, the kickstart is designed for long term success. We are not looking to get you to lose 30 lbs in a month and take drastic measures to your lifestyle. We want to educate you on proper nutrition, how to make sustainable changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, what focus areas to consider when you are adjusting your nutrition, and how to make changes appropriately to fit your goals. This will be accomplished by having a focus area each week with action-steps. Each week is designed to educate the participants on a certain area of nutrition and we will be guiding them with how to integrate changes to their lifestyle. 

Most of the time, challenges are designed with good intentions but require drastic measures. In many cases, participants are extremely motivated and stick to a strict diet for 30-days and once the challenge is over, they revert back to their old habits and lose all of their progress. We want to avoid all of that! We want the 4-weeks to be the first step to a lifelong journey. 

The kickstart is more individualized than most challenges. For example, some people may want fat loss, some people may want muscle gain, and others may want performance based nutrition. Based on your specific goal, the nutrition and weekly action steps will be tailored to get you where you want to be. 

This is also a partner event. This will help with accountability and keeping you on track. When you are working with someone towards a goal, it’s nice to have support and someone to share the journey with. We want to foster an environment centered around teamwork, and having a partner does just that!

The first steps of the kickstart will be:

  • Kickstart Seminar

  • Goal Setting

  • Pre-measurements & in-body scans

From there, I will meet with each participant and discuss their goals, questions they may have, and action steps!

When: We will be having a kickstart seminar on Saturday, 08-January at 11:30am at Telos. This seminar aims to give all the information needed for the 4-weeks and give a thorough walk through of what is expected. 

The official kickstart event starts on Monday,  January 10 (2-days after the seminar). You can use the 2-days to pre-plan your week and get started fresh on that Monday! It will continue on until February 13.

Where: The seminar will be at Telos. Communication/meetings + weekly check-ins will be over email, phone call, or in-person (based on availability and preference!)

Why: Nutrition is a key component to your health and wellness. Oftentimes, people are not aware of how to approach their nutrition in a healthy manner and gravitate towards extreme measures and/or fad diets. We want to educate everyone on what to do and how to do it… “something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be SO complicated”.

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