Introducing Corporate Wellness Programs at Telos!

Workplace Wellness

We now offer completely customized corporate wellness for local Tucson businesses! Our programs include fitness classes, wellness challenges, nutrition seminars, or a combination of all three depending on your needs. Our focus is on promoting healthy lifestyles and small, sustainable changes that lead to BIG results! There are benefits for both employers and employees:

Workplace Wellness Programs

Our programs can be customized to the specific needs of your business. We offer nutrition challenges, seminar series, and private small group classes to corporate groups

Four or Six Week Nutrition Challenges

Nutrition challenges are a great way to kickoff a wellness program and motivate employees to take control of their health. Most people feel overwhelmed because they don’t know what is the “right” diet for them. We provide simple and sustainable plans that promote long term habits.

Seminar Series

A series of 4-6 nutrition and wellness presentations over the course of 12-18 weeks. There are a variety of different topics to choose from. All presentations are led by a nutrition expert. Summary of information is provided to be emailed out to all employees with option to set up a free intro with a nutrition coach.

Private Small Group Classes

Private strength and conditioning class that meets 1-3 times a week. This coach led class includes individualized training programs designed so that athletes build a large base level of physical preparedness, increase performance, prevent injuries, promote a lifetime of physical activity, and form group camaraderie.


Workplace wellness programs create benefits for both employers and employees:

Employer Benefits

  • Decreased sick leave/absenteeism for employees

  • Increased job satisfaction 

  • Decreased use of healthcare benefits and worker’s comp claims

Employee Benefits

  • Improved physical fitness and wellness 

  • Weight loss and decreased stress

  • Increased happiness, productivity, energy, focus, and motivation. 

  • Group camaraderie! 

Learn more about the benefits of running successful corporate wellness programs by reading this post about corporate wellness by our friends at Signum CrossFit in Bel Air, Maryland.

Get Started

You are three easy steps away from getting a workplace wellness program set up at your business!

  1. Sit down with us for a free consultation so we can learn a little more about you and your company. From there, we will customize a corporate wellness program for you. Sign up for your meeting HERE

  2. Pick a date for the challenge/kickoff seminar and the experts at Telos will take care of the rest! Our staff will develop custom marketing and educational material to generate interest and motivate your employees.

  3. A healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition doesn’t have to be so complicated. We focus on healthy habits through simple and sustainable plans to help your employees see optimal results.

Our corporate wellness program doesn’t stop after a challenge or seminar, we offer ongoing support too!

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