Team Telos: Perspective from the Newbie

Ubuntu is a term in the Zulu language that means “I am because we are”. It emphasizes the concept that we as people are shaped by our relationships with others. Health is wellness is more than just working out and eating well. It consists of a mix of things, which can be funneled down to eight pillars:

  • Physical 

  • Social 

  • Emotional 

  • Occupational

  • Financial 

  • Spiritual

  • Intellectual

  • Environmental

One of my favorite pillars is social, specifically the importance of a good team and support system. I’m a firm believer that successes are due to strong support systems and a good team; since I have joined Telos two months ago, I realize that the community and teamwork is of pivotal importance here too. The Social Pillar is defined as “developing a sense of connection, belonging and support from others.” Most people have goals, whether it is big or small, short term or long term, fitness related or not. It helps to have a strong support system and surround yourself with people who will push you to be better and to help you during difficult times. 

Team Telos

The classes of Telos are tight-knit; everyone knows each other and the sense of community is strong. 99.9% (accurate statistic) of the members wear Telos gear, showcasing their pride in the Telos name. When the workouts are grueling (all thanks to Coach Matt), everyone pushes each other to continue and holds each other accountable. The goal is to get better, together. At the end of the classes, you’ll see everyone chatting and laughing…there’s nothing better than getting a good workout in and then talking with friends. 

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding something that is sustainable and enjoyable. When you have a community that makes difficult workouts seem fun and exciting, you are more likely to stick with it. Instead of looking at working out as a “chore”, you begin to view it as the best part of your day. That is what the Telos community does for its members. 

The Telos coaches work out together every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. All of our workouts are programmed by Shaun. Before joining the coaching team, I never worked out with other people. I have always trained on my own due to preference, however working out with the coaches has been one of the best changes to my training. I’m learning a lot from everyone, picking Shaun’s brain about everything strength-related, trying out new exercises (sled drags and their multiple creative variations), and I am pushed beyond the limits I subconsciously put on myself. The best part is the camaraderie that comes along with it…you can’t find that when you’re working out on your own. It’s only been two months but I feel like I’m growing as an athlete and coach.

Some quotes I’ve heard around about Telos in just the past two months that I’ve been here:

  • “I used to work out on my own for years; but I stopped once I tried out one of the classes.”

  • “I have access to other really nice gyms, but the reason I keep coming here is because of the people. You can’t find that anywhere else.”

  • “This place is all about family and their people, it’s awesome.”

  • “I love the classes. You learn, and you have fun.”

  • “They [Telos owners, Shaun and Karen] are building something that’s truly special.”

What is my favorite thing at Telos? Without a question, it’s the people…then I would say the reverse hyper machine, that’s a cool machine.