2022 Telos Partner Competition

The Telos Partner Competition is coming up! Below are the details of the event and workouts. If you’d like to sign up, fill out the following Google Form: Sign Up Form

Event Details:

  • Who: Open to all Telos members

  • What: The Telos Partner Competition is an annual event. This year, the event will consist of 4 workouts, ranging in time domains, skill, and energy systems.

  • When: Saturday, October 8. Time is TBD. The agenda with times will be released mid-week. 

  • Where: Telos 

  • Why: Friendly competition is always fun. Every year we have a fun time bringing our community together, cheering each other on, working hard, and having a good time overall. 

Workouts: There will be four total events. Be on the look out for strategy ideas and tips!

Both athletes will build to 1RM using 2 barbells. They will work in the same 10-minute period. Athletes must change their own plates. This workout is a strength test (part 1) followed by a high-intensity metabolic conditioning piece that tests one’s conditioning and engine.

*BFB: Bar Facing Burpee (or most commonly known as Barf-acing burpee)

*DL: Deadlift

This one is short, indicating that it is an anaerobic piece. You are expected to sprint and work at an elevated heart rate.

Simple and to the point. This workout tests efficiency of the wall ball, overhead strength, and strategy.

*KB: kettlebell

This is a longer time-domain, indicating a more aerobic piece with strength components. The previous exercises were primarily lower body (deadlift, squats, wall ball), which means we HAVE to show some love for DB benching. Although the weights for DB bench are not heavy, remember you will be benching for max reps in a ~2-3 minute time period (depending on how fast your partner is completing their rowing and carries).

The Telos Partner Competition is always a fun time and we love to see our members pushing their limits and translating their skills and hard work from training sessions to a competitive atmosphere.