All About Telos Group Classes

Telos offers group classes every day. Group Classes focus on building fitness through strength and conditioning principles. Here are some quick facts about our classes:

  • Group classes are 60 minutes and are offered several times a day; currently, the schedule* is:

  • The class size can range anywhere from 3 to 15+ members

  • The class is coached by one of our coaches, who is responsible for going over the workout as a whole, give instructions, demonstrate movements, and

  • Classes typically follow the structure:

    • Warm up

      • Typically 10-15 minutes

      • Coaches will give instruction on the warm up movements to prep you for the workout

    • Part 1: Strength Component

      • Typically 20-25 minutes total

      • Before starting the strength portion, coaches will spend 5-10 minutes demonstrating movements and giving focus points to the class.

      • Coaches walk the floor during this time to ensure proper movement and progression.

    • Part 2: Conditioning and/or accessory work

      • Can range anywhere from 10-20 minutes

      • This is the part of the workout where heart rate goes up

      • Movements are typically supplementary to the main compound movements from part 1

  • Classes are programmed by one of our Telos Coaches and Physical Therapist, Coach Abby. She programs the classes in 4-week cycles.

    • 3 weeks are dedicated to progressing in particular movements and are designed so that members can individualize their progression through percentages. After being a consistent group class member, one will be able to establish their 1-repetition maximum (1RM) on several lifts and use that number as a basis for their workouts. For example:

      • After familiarizing herself with strength training, gaining confidence, and becoming fluent in movement patterns, Member ABC performed a 1-repetition max attempt on the Bench Press and Squat. This attempt shows her maximum effort to complete 1-repetition of the movement at the heaviest weight she can safely handle. She was able to safely bench 95 lbs for 1-rep at maximal effort, and squat 125 lbs for 1-rep at maximal effort. From here, she will be able to establish a training max.

      • Her “training max” (TM) will be 80% of the 1RM:

        • Bench Press TM:: 80% of 95 lbs = 80 lbs

        • Squat TM: 80% of 125 lbs = 100 lbs

      • Let’s say the next week, we have a benching workout that is 5 sets of 5 reps of bench press, at 65%. She will use 65% of her training max:

        • 5 sets of 5 reps at 50-55 lbs (since 65% of 80 lbs = 52 lbs)

      • This will allow our members to individualize the workouts to their current abilities. Not everyone is using the same weight and therefore, they are able to progress appropriately and safely, while still having the same training effect.

    • The fourth week is a deload week, where volume and/or intensity is decreased in order for the body to recover before starting the next 4-week cycle.

    • Group classes follow the weekly structure below:

If you are new to group classes, it can be overwhelming but you’ll get the hang of the verbiage and lingo after a few weeks. Because of our small group class size, coaches are able to give you the help you need to get you comfortable in the setting. Plus, our close-knit community will make sure you feel part of the team from the start.

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