Three Tips for the Russian Kettlebell Swing

Done correctly, the Russian swing can teach and reinforce you to hinge your hips correctly. To get the full benefits of this exercise, keep these tips in mind.

Pay attention to where your weight is in your swing. If you are too far on the heels or the toes, there is room to improve. Pinning the big toe to the ground all the way through the swing is an effective cue. Keep in mind, the heel does not come off the ground. When completing the Russian swing, remember to push your hips back while maintaining a neutral spine.  

Try jumping as high as you can without extending your knees all the way. Then, jump again with a full knee extension. This will give you a tangible lesson that if you miss knee extension at the top of the swing, you are giving up force. Attention should be given to extending your hips, but don’t neglect extending your knees. Snap your knees locked at the top of the swing.

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