Three Tips for the Hang Clean

Slide down and up the inside of your quad– This is a simple reminder to keep the bar close and to reduce horizontal force.

Take your shoulders back– Extension in the second pull of the clean is a full body movement and because of the speed, it can feel like all joints extend at the same time. Thinking about taking your shoulders back may help keep the chest up and keep you in better position (bar close and chest up) until the extension point of the lift.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.55.46 AM.png

Pull the bar to your belly button– According to Ma and Buitrago, pulling too high can throw off timing and often occurs because of a lack of strength and coordination. With experience the movements should become more controlled and efficient. To improve the timing of the lift, the bar should be pulled to the appropriate height and having a specific target (like your belly button) can help.

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