Are Beyond Burgers Good For Me?

Tucson Nutrition Coach

With the rise in popularity of plant based eating and living an eco-friendly lifestyle, products like the beyond burger are coming up in conversations with our clients a lot more often. 

Unlike traditional veggie burgers that are marketed to vegetarian and vegan customers, the beyond meat products are meant to taste like meat and appeal more to the meat eating crowd. 

However, just like many aspects of nutrition, this popular new product is drawing a lot of controversy and strong opinions both in support of- and against – these burgers. 

It is understandably quite confusing. The article posted by the lifestyle company Mind Body Green is refreshingly unbiased and is backed by registered dietitians, doctors, and environmentalists.  There are three aspects the author looked at regarding these products to determine whether Beyond Burgers are a good alternative to their traditional beef counterparts: environmentally, ethically, and nutritionally, and there are a lot of interesting points raised on both sides. 

What is a health and eco-conscious consumer to do? Like most things regarding nutrition, it depends.  While these products are a step in a right direction when it comes to plant based eating, they aren’t perfect. But, one single food item you consume doesn’t make or break a healthy diet. If you enjoy the taste of meat, but for whatever reason don’t want to eat actual meat, having one of these every once in awhile is certainly not a bad thing.  

So, SHOULD you incorporate these burgers into your diet? Read the article below first: