Zoom Virtual Class Prep 101

Does the idea of a “Virtual Class” have you feeling more intimidated than seeing burpees programmed in the workout? No worries, we are here to help. I assure you burpees are worse.

I get it. We aren’t all technology warriors.  The good news? You don’t have to be a tech stud to join our virtual classes and keep fit.

This article will tell you EXACTLY what to do.


Connecting to our virtual classes is actually really easy.

  1. We will have TWO classes each day, Monday-Friday at 9am and 5:30pm, and the first class will be WEDNESDAY, 3/17 at 5:30pm. You MUST sign up for these classes, and there is a minimum of 6 people per class! If not enough people are “signed up,” unfortunately we will have to cancel that time. It is important that you let us know either by telling us on Facebook or email that you will be joining class. We don’t want a coach to go and set up everything at the gym and have no one “show up.” Thanks for your help with this!

  2. Setup a workout space in your house. We recommend approximately 8′ x 8′ with overhead clearance. We will let you know the day of the workout what equipment you will need – and many of the workouts will be able to be done with as little as a chair (for push-ups or box squats, a towel or mat, and a good attitude)

  3. Grab a phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection and click this LINK (10 MIN AHEAD OF TIME FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS!).

  4. The first time you join, you’ll have to download an app. It will do this automatically, but it might take 10 or so minutes!

  5. Once zoom downloads, you are in! Just point the device towards you so you can see the meeting room and the coach can see you.

  6. If you want sweet tunes, then set up a speaker NOT connected to the device you are using to connect to our class.  MAKE SURE THE AUDIO ON THE CONFERENCE DEVICE IS LOUDER THAN YOUR MUSIC SPEAKER SO YOU CAN HEAR US COMPLIMENT (OR CORRECT) YOUR FORM DURING CLASS.


I’ll answer your question with another question, “How techy are you?”

We will use the video conference technology, Zoom, to host our classes over the next few weeks.  All you need to know is that this technology will let our coaches see (and correct) you form and let you see us..

So the obvious question…how do you connect?


The absolute easiest thing you can do is to use your phone and simply click on this LINK. You will have to download the app, but then you just set up your phone so it can see you and you can see it and you are done!

PROS: Super easy setup.

CONS: Super small screen. We can see you fine…but you won’t be able to see your classmates (or us really well). When we did the beta testing yesterday, some class members had trouble turning on their cameras due to the setup of the mobile app. No worries, we can work around this issue, it just takes a few extra minutes! Which leads us to option two…


If you have a laptop or tablet with video capability, use it! That screen will be WAY bigger than your phone. 

You’ll likely want to see what the coach is doing pretty clearly. We demo and actually be able to COACH you. Just click the link at the top of this article and you will be good to go.

PROS: Much larger screen than your phone.

CONS: A little bulkier than a phone.


If you want to be a virtual class boss, then connect your computer to a TV or computer screen.  Obviously that will require a space where you can fit one, but man it will be awesome.

Click the link we included earlier and watch the big screen come alive!

PROS: Super easy to see our demos and your friends/classmates.

CONS: Requires space and access to a larger screen…and some knowledge of how to connect a computer to a screen with an HDMI cable.

If after reading this article, you still have no idea what to do, then just shoot us an email or reach out to us in our FB group. A technology issue is not an acceptable reason to not join us for these awesome classes and we can help you get started and on your way!

See you guys (virtually) soon!

Shaun and Karen